Here’s my review of the best diffuser for essential oils under $40. So like me, you’ve learned about the countless benefits of aromatherapy. You’re already on board, and ready to start your journey to well scented health benefits.

But then it hits you, which device should I chose? There are countless essential oil diffusers out there. Navigating through the jungles of Amazon to find the right one can be a nightmare. Lucky for you, I already did all the research, and testing over the past months. I have finally found the best diffuser for essential oils that doesn’t cost a fortune.


What was most important to me when picking an oil diffuser, was picking one that had a large enough range to cover the entire space I regularly occupy. Secondly, the diffuser had to have a tank big enough to last me through the day. Otherwise, you’ll just end up walking back and forth filling it up, which has been a problem for me with a lot of the «portable» options out there.

After a Lot of Testing, The Best Diffuser for Essential Oils Is..

My favourite is PureSpa’s Deluxe Oil Diffuser which covers both my main concerns, and goes way beyond that. With it’s large 120 ml (4 oz.) water tank, it lasts me through a long day of hard work. It also has a 10 hour limit, which is great should you forget to turn it off. PureSpas best diffuser for essential oils

But the best part, is that it fills an entire room with aroma. Working in a home office, this is perfect for me. It also easily covers my entire bedroom. PureSpa advertises 250 square feet coverage, which is great. If you have a really big room, you could consider a BellaSential oil diffuser which covers up to 500 square feet with scented goodness, but it lacks the two year warranty of the PureSpa.

The two year warranty is a great sign of this essential oil diffusers quality. As some of the cheaper diffusers has a tendency to break down right after the warranty ends (yes, really).

The PureSpa Deluxe is built very well. It’s bottom heavy, and it’s really hard to knock over. The on/off button is touch based, and looks beautiful. However can be slightly annoying if you move the device around a lot. As I has a tendency to turn on or off, if you touch it by accident. It makes a clear «beep» sound when you touch the on/off.

There are some «mood lighting» LEDs on the top of the oil diffuser, but I just turned mine off as i think it looks a little tacky. The glossy white plastic looks great by itself. The plastic is sturdy, and feels like it’s well made.

Filling this thing has been a dream. There has been no problem with the lid popping off by accident, and the itself tank is marked at the 4 oz. limit, so I haven’t worried about overfilling it.

For under $40 dollars this is definitively the best diffuser for essential oils. I highly suggest you check it out.

Be sure to come back and tell me your experiences after you’ve been using it for a while. A like, share, or pin is highly appreciated! 🙂