Today I am going to show you a really simple recipe with broad uses, I am glad to introduce the coffee mask for dark circles and acne!

This scrub is great for both dealing with dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, as well as it makes a great exfoliator for the rest of your face. The reason for this is the great power of ground coffee beans! They cointain a caffeine which is high in antioxidants which is easily absorbed by our skin. The ground will also aid you in shrinking blood vessels and reduce the liquid content under your eyes. This of course means it will reduce puffiness in your beautiful eyes. You will experience tighter skin, and the anti-inflammatory properites in caffeine helps reduce the dark circles under your eyes. As for the olive oil, which is the second, and last ingredient in this coffee mask is great for nourishing your skin, and reducing the fine lines under your eyes.

spoon of coffee groundsNow this is all good, but what makes this mask so fascinating is that the grounds of coffee also works great for exfoilating the areas of your face with a little ticker skin. And the olive oil is naturally also great for the skin on the rest of your face as well.

Now, to make this mask simply get a cup and about a spoonful of coffee grounds, pour it into the cup, and get your olive oil. You will need a little more than a spoon of olive oil to mix with the coffee grounds.

Coffee Mask for Dark CirclesYou can grab a makeup brush, or simply use your clean fingers to apply the coffee mask for dark circles. Be sure to wash your face before you apply the mask! Now, to reduce dark circles and puffiness under eyes, gently apply the mask like in the attached picture. You should leave the mask on for about 5-7 minutes, then gently wash it off with a towel.

coffee ground mask for acneIf you want to exfoliate your face, simply apply the coffee mask to the rest of your face, using circular motions. This mask you not leave you feeling any discomfort, unless you dislike the smell off ground coffee. You can leave this on for 15 minutes, or just wash it off together with the eye mask if you decided to go that route. Just be sure to be careful when you wash off the mask, and don’t exfoilate your face again!

My face usually feels fine afterwards due to all of the olive oil in the recipe, but if your skin for some reason should be dry remember to apply your moisturiser.

Be sure to tell me how the coffee mask for dark circles or the exfoliator worked out for you, I’d love to hear from you. If this article helped you, I would really appreciate it if you would share it with a friend!