Today I want to share with you the DIY gummy face mask aka. the most ridiculous face mask of all time.

Why On Earth Would I Try This?

I got this idea after watching a really famous YouTuber named Karina Garcia. The fact that the top related video for this jelly mask, was a girl using Nutella as a face mask, should have been the first sign that this may not be the best mask to try out this week. However it looked really cool as she put it on -_-. I also figured it would give you guys a laugh, however I did not expect it to leave me in gummy face mask

Skip forward a couple of day, after I was done shopping for my veggies and brown rice, I passed the desert section of the store. Of course the yellow pack of orange jelly stuck out like the thumbnail for this video. I quickly grabbed it and stuffed it into my otherwise healthy cart of wares.

As I got home I quickly grabbed the delicious smelling pack of Jell-O powder, and put it in some boiling water. Now, to make this gummy mask extra gummy I added a lot less water than the instructions ..instructed me to. Still, it was too watery, so I had to remake it with even less water.

Trying The DIY Gummy Face Mask – The Wonderful, Calming Experience

Applying this «gummy» face mask was a pain in the beard, as to this day I am sure there is some of that delicious, blackhead extracting face mask left in there. Now I probably spent over an hour in total applying layer after layer of gummy to my face. It took a while for each layer to dry up. After that I had a good time exercising (had to get that in the article), then waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

diy gelatin mask - nutella
Well, this is pretty much how I felt using the diy gummy face mask

After about two hours the mask was finally «dry». That means a sticky mess that left me with considerably less facial hair than when I started. As I don’t feel like reliving the horror it was getting this monster mask of my face, let’s leave it with: It hurt a lot. I DID NOT ACTUALLY CRY.

Overall, I’d say the gummy, jelly, gelatine mask, whatever you want to call it, was pretty weak. It did extract some blackheads, but I would say that this mask did a better job at extracting the blackhead living in my pores. And this egg mask, was a much more fun DIY face mask than it’s DIY gummy face mask crazy cousin with a gun in it’s trunk.

Anyway, if you really want to try it out buy this and have yourself a great time! /sarcasm.

What I did like about this mask, was that it didn’t feel bad on my skin while I waited for it to dry, and it smelled delicious. Aaand there was leftover jelly. 🙂

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