Let me show you how to deal with whiteheads on face. In todays video, we discover how a lemon can save ourselves from whiteheads on face.

Now there is not only positives about sqeezing lemon all over your pimples. For one it will dry your skin up a little. And if you decided to only use pure lemon juice, it can also be painfull to apply. Personally I decided to dilute my lemon scrub, as you will see in the attached video. After you’ve removed the mask, you will notice your skin might be a little whiter. This is however very temporary, like the redness in yesterdays whitehead article.

On the positive side of things, like many of my other home remedy acne treatments, this is a really cheap option. In many ways it serves as a cheap, natural benzoyl peroxide: The citric acid in the juice works as a antiseptic, killing bacteria. The acidity left on your skin after a treatment also makes it difficult for new bacteria to move into your skin, and you will be left with a less dirty surface.

The lemon juice scrub also reduces the oil on your skin, and will help reduce acne scars on your face over time.

lemon face mask for whiteheads

So how do we use this wonderful scrub to get rid of whiteheads on face? Well first off we need to clean our face. Towel cry and wait 5 minutes.

Then we cut the lemon in two pieces. We proceed to squueze the whitehead destroyer into a cup, and pick out the seeds.

Here you have two choices, you can leave the mask as is, or you can add some water to the juice. Like I said earlier, I am a huge fan of adding water to this face mask as my skin do not handle the acidity of the lemon very well, and leaves my face hurting during the treatment.

I add about the same amount water as I did lemon. Mix it up.

Now we need something to apply the lemon to our face with. Unlike yesterday and the day before, today I actually have gotten myself some new cotton balls. Dip it into the mixture, and with circular motions apply the scrub to your face. I had some leftovers for tomorrow when I was done. Now wait about half an hour

Rinse of the mask, and dry your face gently. The whiteness disappears quickly if that is concerning you.

And that’s about it, remember to use a moisturizer after each treatment, as the lemon mask leaves your skin dry.

If this helped you, I really appreciate it if you would share this video with a friend in need.