I decided to try out a really simple method on how to remove blackheads on nose today. The basics of this little trick is that you smear egg all over your nose, then get some toilet paper on top of that for good measure.

Just kidding! But not really. Eggs and particularly egg whites have long been used as a home remedy to remove acne. As the egg whites is full of Amino acids vitamins and proteins helpful for the skin, as mask dries up on your face it helps cleanse your skin by taking dirt and excess oils out of your pores.

First we need to get an egg, a tissue or square of toilet paper, some scissors, a cup, and something to apply this blackhead removing cocktail with to our nose. I used a silicone brush.

Start off by cracking the egg into the cup, and splitting the yoke from the egg white. While the yoke is healthy and helps moisturize our skin, we are fighting acne right now, and not dry skin. You can whip the egg white up a little if you want it to me more easy to apply to your face. I did not.egg in cup You should cut your tissue up, I found that half a square of toilet paper worked perfectly. Before you apply the magic acne killer to your face, make sure your face is clean. You may want to use your moisturizer here, pat dry with a clean towel.egg cup scissors paper blackhead remedyThen get in there with your brush or whatever you decided to use (I can also recommend cotton balls). After you got your desired area covered, grab that tissue you cut up and put it over the egg white in your face. Make sure to be careful as the tissue tears easily. Apply another layer of blackhead destroying egg white on top of the tissue, and wait for an hour or so.

brushing my face with egg white

DON’T TOUCH IT! Also try not to smile or eat while your have the mask on, as it can mess up the egg white mask.

Do you know the different between a snowman and a snowwoman?



After an hour it should be dry as a cast. Start slowly peeling it off, and voila! You now how a piece of toilet paper covered in egg, oils, and blackheads, lucky you. After this I highly suggest you wash your face with some lukewarm water to get the rest of the egg white mask off your nose. Finish up by splashing some cold water to close up your pores.

You can use this face mask once or twice a week, and you should quickly see some results from using it.

There you have it: An easy inexpensive way to remove blackheads from nose and face.

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