DIY Honey, Lemon and Egg White Mask for Blackheads

Today I will show you a great egg white mask for blackheads. This lemon and egg white mask is great for cleaning your face, and we might even get some of those pesky blackheads in the process! I have been in the lab experimenting a little bit since last we talked, and I have come up with this improved version of the egg white mask. What I did was add some honey for the added pore cleansing (removes dirt and oil from your poor little pores). I also decided to go with a known acne killer classic, namely the juice of the mighty lemon. The lemon juices acidity helps kill off bacteria, and also makes the conditions on your skin acidic, so it’s much more difficult for the bacteria to return to their burrows in your skin.

So like always we start this DIY egg white mask off by cleaning our face. Then we procced to crack an egg into a bowl, cup or whatever else you have at hand. We only need the egg white as it this is the part of the egg that helps tighten up your face and makes your pores smaller. The egg yolk has great properties especially for us DIYers, and I will be making a tutorial for you in the future utilising the amazing healing properties of the egg yolk. Sign up for the newsletter and be the first to know when it’s out!

lemon and egg white maskAnyway back to todays honey lemon and egg white mask.Go get a bottle or any other item to extra that yolk out of our mixture. Now, we are ready to add the honey. I suggest you heat it up a little, this makes it a whole lot easier to mix it into the egg. If you checked out the video, you can see that I did not do that!

We also need to get some off that lemon in there about two spoons should do. Go ahead and mix this wonderful egg mask up.

egg white mask for blackheadsNow you are ready. The time has finally come to split up some toilet paper or tissues. You only need one ply. If you only want to cover your nose, half a square of toilet paper is plenty. Grab a cotton ball or a makeup brush and start applying the egg white mask to your face. If you mixed the ingredients up well enough it should not be runny.

After you got a full layer on your face, grab that toilet paper you just split up, and carefully place it over the areas your covered white the egg white mask. be careful as the thin paper rips apart easily. After you CAREFULLY filled your face with toilet paper, you can apply another layer off lemon and egg white mask on top of paper. Now you need to wait ’till it’s fully dried. This should take no longer than 30 min at max.

Try not to laugh and talk so much (smile on the inside :)!)

peeling off blackhead maskNow you are ready for the best part of applying a mask, the part where you peel it off and check out the catch. Start from the bottom and slowly work your way up. I found that this mask is not the most efficient at getting rid of blackheads, but it sure makes your face feel clean and nice afterwards. Be sure to clean the egg residue off white some water. Apply a moisturiser as this mask tends to dry up your face quite a bit.

That’s it! Now go check out my new coffee mask for your future DIY cravings! I hope this mask helps you out. If it does know that I REALLY appreciate if you would share this article with a acne troubled friend in need!