Todays video is a little different, I found a tube of Shills Black Mask in my cabinet, as I was cleaning my bathroom.

Now, I’m not usually one to use this kind of mask, as I prefer to make my own. But as far as black blackhead masks go, this one was really good. It is not something I would use too often though, as it was pretty rough to pull off, and contained a lot of ingredients I’m not familiar with. If you are interested in trying it out yourself click here, or the button below and you will be taken to amazon, where I bought mine.


The application of the mask is pretty straight forward; you grab something to apply the mask with, like a make-up brush, or like me, latex gloves as usual. If you use your fingers you are going to have to wash your finger for a while as the Shills Black Mask is pretty damn sticky. Just gently apply the mask, I found that a thick layer was really effective, but more painful. If you want a less effective, and maybe less painful mask, consider applying a thinner layer of the black blackhead mask.

You need to wait quite a while for the black mask to dry. As you can see in the video I waited for over 30 minutes, and it still was not fully dried on a spot on my nose. A thinner application of the mask will of course dry faster.

shills black mask

When the Shills blackhead buster has dried, carefully pick at the bottom of the mask to loosen the edge, this is so you can «more easily» pull of the mask. Proceed to peel off the black mask. I had to use a lot of force to rip this thing off! It sure was a lot tougher than some of my DIY masks was to get off.

As you sigh in satisfaction of finally having won the battle against this clingy piece of.. gum, that was only a few seconds ago holding on to your face as if it was life or death, you should be holding a rather blackhead filled piece of mask in your hand. My experience was that this thing, though painful, was really efficient at removing blackheads.

If you try Shills Black Mask out, or any other black masks for that matter, I would love to hear what your experience was like.

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