Ah yes the turmeric mask for oily skin. I took my time to try this one out. I did a few different variants of it. I found that it worked best with honey as a base, and half a tsp. of turmeric powder, and half a tsp. of baking soda.

The original version of the mask was was too discoloring on my face, as you could see in the video above. I also tried a variety where I used banana as a base, but I found this to be a really bad soultion, as the mask got really runny.

My overall experience with this mask was pretty good, it did a great job at cleaning up my acne, which is what it was made for. the latest version of the turmeric mask did leave my skin a little bit «sore» afterwards, but the honey helped soothe the skin a little. It was actually a little bit funny seeing my face red from the baking soda and yellow from the turmeric powder. Lucky for me I didn’t need to go out for the next hour! hahaha.

turmeric mask for oily skin

I would say try out this mask if you get an acne breakout. Otherwise a more gentle mask like a Vitamin C face mask full of antioxidants may be more appropriate. Expect a post on the benefits of Vitamin C for the skin shortly by the way.

The acne destroying capabilities of this mask was pretty impressive, as honey, baking soda, and turmeric all do a great job together. In the future I will try to add some lemon to the mix, so the bacteria doesn’t return to the skin so quickly.

I found that the mask was a little tricky to remove, especially with the honey base. I had to sort of «scrape» it off with my fingers, then gently and carefully clean up the rest with a towel and some water. If I was not careful with all this turmeric involved everywhere turned yellow!

PS. Just because this is a turmeric mask for oily skin, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for dry skin, but you should experiment with the ratios a little bit if you are worried it will hurt your skin. And as always be sure to moisturize!

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